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Sohh.com: D12 Producer Denaun Porter Gives Back On New Website

Posted By on June 5, 2007

Famed producer and D12 rapper Denaun Porter is giving aspiring artists a leg up with his new website MrPorterBeats.com.

Porter's new site will allow independent artists, songwriters, deejays and labels to access his original beats. Membership to the website is free and users will be able to license professional beats for rates as low as $50. By browsing the "Exclusive Beats" section, users can also purchase full ownership of Porter's productions and Pro-Tools sessions.

"There are so many people that want to get into this business, but don't have the right kind of music. It's just a way for me to give back to people without worrying about the price and making it easier and accessible for them to have," Porter told SOHH.

Porter, who also uses the names Kon Artis and Mr. Porter (for his production work) has previously worked with a number of industry heavyweights, including 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Young Buck, Shakira and the legendary Burt Bachrach.

The producer says he came up with the idea while working in L.A. on Dr. Dre's highly anticipated Detox album.

"So much stuff gets thrown out. I feel there is too much music to go around to just be throwing stuff away. If it's a gift that God gave you I don't think you should ignore the fact that you're making so much. I feel like all of that music is too good to waste," Porter said.

Porter plans on offering beats for $50 (without hooks) and $150 (hook included). He assured SOHH that the beats on the site will be of the highest quality, and that he hopes to inspire new artists to use his sound to push creative boundaries.]

"A lot of it is different, people don't get to see that because executives and A&R's try to make you do whatever is hot at the moment, but this way people get to do what they want to do," Porter explained. "It's not like 'let me give away the stuff people don't want.' Sometimes I don't play things for people because I know they won't be able to reach that far creatively. This is the more challenging thing, you really have to make something happen out of it. It's pushing the envelope music."

Porter plans to launch MrPorterBeats.com on June 15.