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Havoc Of Mobb Deep Co-Signs J Cole

Posted By on May 6, 2010

     Long-time member of Mobb Deep, Havoc, recently co-signed for upcoming rapper J Cole saying he would like ot produce for his upcoming debut album. "He's on everybody's short-list! I hate to be soundin' like I'm on some kind of band-wagon, but I really feel that in my heart, that dude is dope! There's a lot of other dope emcees out there, I hate to name just one. It seems like I'm just forgetting the rest, but he's definitely on my radar. Even if I get a track on his album or not, I'm behind him 100% no matter what he do. I wish him well, and I know he's going to do well, 'cause he seems like a real-for-real artist. He's in it for the art."

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