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Funk Flex Attacks Cristina Milian After Breakup

Posted By on July 13, 2010

     After news broke that The-Dream and Christina Milian had broken up, radio personality Funkmaster Flex went off on her failed marriage to the singer via his twitter writting…

"Christina Milian is Finished out here….Dream just wrapped you up…."
"@CMilianOfficial.i was jokin. i will give you a break. wasnt
personal.ps i dont agree with what the dream did. love to your little
"@CMilianOfficial i wont say anything else.. all good.. funkflex."

     The R&B singing star responded to Flex on her on twitter account Tuesday morning (July 13), asking for an explanation from the Funkmaster.

"@funkmasterflex when will u just leave me alone and get a life? I swear all uve ever done is pick on me. What's ur problem dude? Go away."


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