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Elzhi Says He Was Never In Slum Village

Posted By on July 29, 2010

      Yesterday we reported on Slum Village and how they were breaking up, now Elzhi has come forward to talk about his relationship with fellow group member, T3.

      "Am I in Slum Village or am I not? As far as what's going on…As far
as, like, me not having any say so to any treatments to videos being
shot, or me not going to do the interviews to promote this new Slum
Village album, or [Barack Records and T3] not contacting me or my
management, and…as you can see in the 'Reunion 2' video, I would say I
wasn't in the group," El said in an interview. "And at the same time,
them taking me off records, so now I'm on a minimal amount a records for
the [Villa Manifesto] album, I would say I wasn't in the
group…Basically, I got new management and what happened was it was a
shock to the label, even Slum's manager [Tim Maynor]. They just couldn't
take the fact that I had new management, and just from that as far as I
could tell, they overreacted and it got to the point where we was all
on a conference call and my new management asked to see the paper work
and the contract from E1 and RJ Rice ain't wanna show us."

Elzhi – Talks About Slum Village Break Up