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Damon Dash Has More Money Problems

Posted By on November 14, 2008

    Dame Dash is having more money problems. A Manhattan judge issued an order to seize Damon Dash's Tahoe because he has missed mulitple payments. Jason Gabbard, a lawyer that represented a fashion company that sued Dash, told the New York Daily News "…to borrow a phrase from my Kentucky homeland, [Dash and his wife, Rachel Roy] haven't got a pot to p*** in, they're broke."

    Besides his car being seized, Dash also is facing a $2.1 million dollar bill that the New York State Tax service says he owes, $4,500 bill for unpaid workers comp and a lawsuit claiming he hasn't paid his lawyers that represented him in his custody case.

    In related Dash news, it's not all bad for Damon. Over the summer there were reports that he made a deal for an estimated $4 billion dollars with Jones Apparel Group. "The company is a $4 billion dollar company–I guess we have the potential to make that kind of money. I just never been with a company that big," Dame told Peace magazine.