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Dame Dash Changes His Story About Kanye

Posted By on December 5, 2008

    Damn Dash is now taking back what he said. As we previously reported, Dame Dash told Complex Magazine that Kanye hated Jay-Z since Jigga chose not to give him his Roc-A-Fella chain during a 2003 show in Chicago but now Dash is singing a new tune. “It ain’t even that big of a deal. At this point, it’s just gossip,” Dash told XXL. “I could really care less, [but] I’m sure at this level in their careers, they don’t wanna be dealing with bullshit like that,” Dash continued. “Sometimes, I gotta watch the shit I say, because it’s more impactful to other people than it is to me. I just say something because I’m thinking it—it ain’t because I’m trying to make a statement or anything. I’m just callin’ it how I see it.”

    Doing a bit of backtracking, Dame Dash admitted that “if that was the case back then—they were different people back then—I’m quite sure that’s not the feeling now.”