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Dame Dash Has Issues With Son & Baby Mother, Money Problems Continue

Posted By on April 30, 2008

   Another story about baby's mothers comes to the headlines. Damon Dash's baby's mom, Linda Williams, filed a petition against Dash claiming that their 16-year-old son, Damon Dash II (or "Boogie") lived without hot water and electricity for months. Williams also says that Dame Dash took the young boy to a morgue to identify the body of an uncle, who was shot in the head in an apparent suicide. She also claims that Dash didn't pay $3,600 for a basketball camp that he said he would. Finishing up her complaints she says she is worried that Dame Dash won't put the $10 million he promised away in a trust.

    Dame Dash and Williams have had a bad history with regards to custody of the boy. In 2002, Dash won custody of the 14-year-old boy but in 2006 Willaims and her father both petitioned for visitation. Three months before that Dash was cleared of assault allegations made by Williams and now Williams is claiming that their son is "at imminent risk and living in an unstable home with no structure or supervision."

    Dame Dash also has money problems. Back in 2005 he sold his 25% stake in Rocawear for $30 million but still was more than $2 million in the hole to a New York State for a tax debt in 2007. He sued his accountant for $3.5 million that same year saying that his accountant is the one who filed the messed up tax returns.