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David Banner Talks Acting, Lands New Role

Posted By on May 4, 2009

    Another rapper slash actor, David Banner, recently talked about his upcoming movie role and how hard it is. After his break-out role in 2007's "Black Snake Moan," Banner recently landed a role in the upcoming thriller "The Confidant," set to start filming on the 13th in L.A.

    Banner will play Jackson, a painter who takes the fall for a murder his friend Nigel (who is an NFL draft pick) committed. "When a person has gone through what my character has gone through, it’s a mental jousting because it goes back and forth between so many emotions,” Banner said of the role.

    Banner says that he is fully dedicated to acting stating "After I did Black Snake Moan with Samuel L. Jackson, I just caught the bug," he says. "Instead of buying jewelry and others things I could’ve spent my money on, I was flying out every week to L.A., going to acting classes because it was something that I knew I wanted to do."