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David Banner Tells “The Greatest Story”

Posted By on May 25, 2007

After a brief hiatus, rapper/producer David Banner is planning to come back with a vengeance, dropping a new album by the end of summer.

The Mississippi native, who is known just as much for his philanthropic endeavors as his hard-hitting rap style, recently revealed his plans for a new album to Billboard.

Banner's upcoming project The Greatest Story Ever Told will feature appearances from Chris Brown, Jim Jones, UGK, Snoop Dogg, Lil' Wayne, Carl Thomas and former Xscape singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss. In addition to rapping, Banner also logs in time behind the boards, joining producers Nitti, Akon, Cool & Dre and Get Cool 3000 who contributed tracks for the project.

"I have a tendency to want to change music," Banner told Billboard. "But I realized that people just want hits. The ladies want a "Play," I made a "Cadillac on 22's," and I made a few "Like a Pimp" records. I did a rock song that's probably going to get me hung. Let's just say the record was written three years ago-it's just truthful."

Never one to mince words, Banner revealed that his last few years have been marked by struggle.

"2006 was the worst year of my life," Banner told Billboard. "2007 has been the best year of my life. I've learned to say no and not take on everyone's problems. My father had brain and lung cancer, and I had high blood pressure because I was working 18-hour days. You have to value the person you are."

During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Banner was applauded for jumping into action, organizing fundraisers in an effort to help those affected by the tragedy, but Banner revealed that his good deeds came at a cost to his career and personal life.

"I took on too much responsibility," Banner said. "I did volunteer work for six months for Hurricane Katrina but my own business wasn't right."

Never one to sit still, Banner has recently expanded into other areas of entertainment, appearing in the film Black Snake Moan and producing and providing voiceover for the new Cartoon Network program "That Crook'd 'Sipp." In addition to his upcoming album, Banner has also recently created tracks for Famlay, Lil' Wayne, Snoop, Chris Brown and the Shop Boyz.

The Greatest Story Ever Told is expected in stores by the end of Summer 2007 via SRC/Universal Records.