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Daz Dillinger Skips Label For New Album

Posted By on September 21, 2009

    After having problems with Death Row Records, Daz Dillinger has announced his plans to bypass a record company and it's major label distribution for his upcoming limited edition "Public Enemiez" album. During a self-made video, Daz talked released his personal email address and told fans his latest music business move was for the "streets." [Daz Dillinger Says He Is Skipping A Record Company – Watch Here]

    "Yeah, what's up y'all, it's D-a-to the z," Daz said in the video. "And look at what I got in my hand, yeah, you already know. It's independent, pressed up man, I'm going hard with these in the streets for my real fans, you know what I'm saying? Public Enemiez CD. Ain't got no label on the back so I'm doing this for my real fans who know, whoever get these CDs, these 1,000, is a real motherf*cking fan if you got it straight from the heart of the motherf*cking street. The ones I got in the store coming got the label and all that other good sh*t on the back. So it's your boy D-a-to the z, holla at me. DPGRecords@gmail.com You wanna get 'em, holla at your boy. Boxes of 'em, b*tch. And you know, that goes with the territory, b*tch." [Daz Dillinger Says He Is Skipping A Record Company – Watch Here]

Daz Dillinger – Skips Record Label For Next Album