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Def Jam

Def Jam Wants To Get Into The Movie Business

Posted By on August 11, 2008

    We all know that videos aren't played anymore on MTV and BET, rather reality shows have become the main programming these "music" channels feature. Now the legendary rap label, Def Jam, wants to get into the television and movie business. Def Jam recently put Rihanna's single "Disturbia" in movie theatres to preview and promote her new album.

    Jeff Straughn, Def Jam's VP of strategic marketing, told Billboard "We could put a Young Jeezy in front of a movie like The Dark Knight or some other R-rated or urban leaning movie," continuing "Then we might put Duffy in front of an Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Ultimately we want to take a variety of content and sprinkle it across the right screens."

    Straughn finished up by saying "It doesn't just end with movies," he said. "There are other venues on the sports league side that in the next year you may be hearing about us doing business with, things that make a lot of sense and build more on what we're doing now."