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Keith Murray leaves Def Jam looks at Indapendent Future

Posted By on July 19, 2003

Your banging his latest single, “Candy Bar”, in your box. His first album since getting out of the joint dropped this week. Big things crackin’ for the noted verbologists Keith Murray. But don’t expect a large promotional push from his label. Def Jam is only going to print up 300,000 copies of He’s Keith Murray. Better rush out and get your copy.

In fact, Keith Murray is no longer signed to the house that Rush built and has already made plans to get his independent hustle on. “I don’t have a problem with Def Jam, it was a business decision that was made due to certain circumstances surrounding promotion…I’m going to release a new album independently…so I can receive more from the sales…not just from publishing and shows.”*

Hopefully Mr. Murray will get that paper.