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Green Lantern Says Game has A Point To Diss Jay-Z

Posted By on July 20, 2009

     DJ Green Lantern has become the latest artist to share his opinions on the The Game's recent rap war against legendary rapper Jay-Z, even saying that he thinks The Game is justified in the attack. [watch here] Beyone talking about the recent disses from Game, Lantern says that the beef should stay on wax.

     "When you say somebody's name, be prepared for anything to happen," Lantern said in an interview. [watch here] "So Jay was probably like 'Whatever,' felt like saying his name and Game was like, 'He said my name, I'm going in.' So it is what it is. I'm not surprised at all by any of it. I'm quietly entertained on the sideline, that's pretty much it. I heard [the diss]. Game goes hard and that's all, you know, Game goes hard like intensly hard. But that guy Jay-Z, if he puts his mind to you, it's gonna be something. It'll be interesting to see how that's gonna play out. I scratched my head on some Amber Rose line, Kanye's girl, the line in the record, but, that's Game, man. Game is a savage, an animal. He's just gonna spray the whole parking lot…It is what it is, these are two grown men that make way more than me so big up to both of them, put your gloves on and just keep it in the ring..I don't think none of that is violence at all. But you never know." [watch here]

DJ Green Lantern speaking on The Game and Jay-Z below