DJ Khaled Says Hackers Screwed Shyne

DJ Khaled Says Hackers Screwed Shyne

     DJ Khaled has come forward to explain why he thinks Shyne was taken off his upcoming "Victory" album. Khaled, who blames hackers, says that leaks and problems online were largely responsible for the removal. According to DJ Khaled, the "All My Life" track was released (leaked) online without the proper authorization.

     "He fit me into his schedule and I appreciate it," Khaled said about Shyne. "The thing is, the record got leaked. Some hacker actually leaked it and it messed me up because when they leaked it, the publishers on the production of the track — came at me and tried to come at me on some legal stuff so I couldn't even use it on my album. That's why I hate these hackers. They ruin surprises — but at the end of the day, at least the streets got it and we fed the streets."

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