DJ Khaled Proposes To Young Money Member

DJ Khaled Proposes To Young Money Member

With ring in hand, DJ Khaled proposed to Nicki Minaj via MTV. In a recnet video clip, Khaled can be seen proffessing his love for Nicki and asks for her hand in marriage.

“Nicki Minaj, I’m at MTV, I want to be honest with you. I love you. I like you. I want you to be mine. I’m here at MTV because it’s a world wide network and the only reason I’m not telling you this face-to-face is because I understand that you’re busy. I’m gonna be honest with you, I want to marry you. … Nicki Minaj, will you marry me? We got the same symptons, we both suffer from success.” (MTV)

No reports if the proposal was sincere or some weird promo tactic by Mr. “We The Best”. Full video clip of the proposal can be seen below:



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