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DMX Problems Continue, Home Foreclosed

Posted By on January 3, 2009

    No it's not more legal trouble, but it isn't good news. DMX's home in Cave Creek, Arizona has been foreclosed. SWAT team raids destroyed the carpets and left windows and doors blown out allowing things to be stollen. "I think people showed up, walked the house and took what they wanted," says Andrew Wheeler, who is in charge of selling the home. The things left at the house were thrown into the pool, leaving the only sign of DMX being an old magazine cover hanging out of a car window.

    According to the realtor, the quad-motorcycles DMX was often seen riding on the property, were stolen,
along with almost everything else, leaving behind a damaged shell of a
once-glamorous home. X paid around $600,000 for the house in 2003 and the bank set the sale price for $429,000. DMX is currently in jail, waiting to be sentenced on animal cruelty, theft and drug convictions.