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DMX On Current State Of Rap, Eminem, and More.

Posted By on January 6, 2014

DMX On Current State Of Rap, Eminem, and More.

While overseas, DMX spoke with 359HipHop on the state of rap. When it comes to where rap music is today , Earl Simmons is less than amused.

“The quality of rap fuckin’ sucks right now,” DMX says in an interview with 359HipHop. “There are certain nice rappers, but for the most part, niggas suck. That’s what the fuck it is, man. Take it how you want to fuckin’ take it. Straight up. The camera man agrees with me. That’s what it is man, take it how you want to take it. Bring it. What?” 

The rapper also spoke on his recent string of arrests.

“The last few times I got locked up, I was locked up for hours at a time,” DMX says. “Driving without a license. Who the fuck gets locked up for driving without a license? Me, because I’m famous. That’s all. Police suck dick. That’s what the fuck they do. They suck dick. It is what it is. I’m not a criminal. I’m not committing crimes and shit. I drive my fucking car. I have a car. I drive it. Oh, you want to pull me over and lock me up? Do what you do, homie, but I’ll be right back out doing the same fuckin’ thing I was doing 8 hours ago. So fuck you.” 

When asked about Eminem, DMX kept it short and sweet.

“I don’t know what Eminem is,” DMX said. “I know he’s a talented artist. We have a good relationship, but don’t ask me no random shit to start no random beef. Please. Don’t do that.” 


Full video interview below:

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