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Earl Simmons (DMX) Says He Didn’t Do It

Posted By on February 26, 2009

    As we reported yesterday, news recently broke that DMX allegedly assaulted a correctional officer and could face aggravated assault charges that could result in the rapper spending 8 additional years in prison. Now DMX is speaking out, or should we say Earl Simmons is? "Many of you know me as DMX but right now I am speaking to you as Earl Simmons," Earl said in a statement, "For the record, I want to state 'I Did Not' physically touch or hit an officer. This is just another attempt to destroy my credibility."

    County Sheriff Joe Arpaino saays that DMX did infact react violently towards a corrections officer after being told he could not have a meal he took from a serving tray. Arpaio says DMX threw the tray and its contents at the officer and has been on bread and water diet as punishment ever since.