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DMX Plans New 48 Hours Till Dark Movie

Posted By on March 15, 2010

     According to multiple reports, and Omillio Sparks himself, DMX and Sparks will star in the upcoming "48 Hours Till Dark" thriller movie. According to Omillio Sparks, the movie will also co-star rapper slash actor Fredro Starr. "Movies and TV; we got that all lined up," he explained in an interview. "That's longevity there so I'm not stopping there, like you said it's under my belt now so it don't make sense to stop. It makes sense to keep moving forward, and that what I'm doing. Music is my first love, I gotta do that! That's a no-brainer! I have a film coming up called 48 hours Till Dark staring DMX and Fredro Starr. DMX has his own team, Fredro has his, and I have mine. We all get tipped off about the same spot. It sort of has a Trespass theme, but it's different. I know it's gonna be crazy on set with them!"


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