DMX Wifey Plans Tell-All-Book (Video)

DMX Wifey Plans Tell-All-Book (Video)

      Although he just go out of prison, it looks like rapper DMX could have an issue coming soon. DMX's estranged wife, Tashera Simmons, has reportedly signed a deal and hired writer Aliya S King to pen a tell-alll book about her life with the rapper.

     "When I first met Aliya, I was in a state where I was trapped and she was the first person that kind of opened me up. She started asking me questions about what it was like to be in the light of a super star, rap star," said Simmons of King. "I told her I am working on my book, 'Strength of a Woman' and she told me to 'Read ("Platinum") and tell me what you think.' It touched me," explained Tashera. "She's writing my book now."

DMX – Wife Talks Book & Wife With X


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