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DMX Gets Reality Show To Document His Troubled Life

Posted By on August 20, 2008

    The much arrested and bad news maker, DMX, will document his troubles in a new reality show called "DMX: This Life Of Mine." Following DMX's attempt to fix his legal issues, including six arrestes, the show will also feature DMX trying to get his life straight. “In many ways, my life has been an open book,” DMX said in a statement. “[But] I haven’t always been the one writing the story. With this show; however, people will get to see and hear with their own eyes and ears what really goes on in my life and I think they’ll come to understand me a little bit better with each episode.”

    The reality show hasn't found a nework home but the shows producer says several networks have shown interest. DMX hopes the show will change how the public looks at him saying “After watching this show, people will come to realize that despite all the stories and all the rumors about me, despite how well they may think they know me, there is another side to DMX that they have never seen and hopefully, it will make people question what they see Rand hear about me in the future."