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DMX Cuts Plea Deal In Florida, Set To Pay Fine & Leave

Posted By on August 27, 2008

    DMX catches a break, finally. His lawyer, former "Apprentice", Bradford Cohen just worked out a plea deal with the judge. The deal includes X pleading guilty, time served and about a $483 fine according to TMZ. DMX could have faced up to six years in prison for the drug charges that stemmed from trying to buy coke and pot from an undercover cop. Reports also say that Arizona police will only have 15 days to arrest DMX for his arrests in that state. If they fail to arrest him in that time, he's "home free."

    As we repoted yesterday [read here], DMX recently was denied bond in a Flordia court room, to which he replied with "F*ck that" to the judge [watch here]. The judge replied by saying “Oh that just ingratiated you to me,” continuing, “I’ve never heard the F word before so it’s okay.[watch here]