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DMX Sued For A Milli For Not Boxing

Posted By on November 23, 2009

    DMX was hit with a million dollar lawsuit for backing out of his celebrity boxing match that was scheduled to take place in December in Birmingham, Alabama. X was set to box his former manager and boxer slash actor Eric Martinez during the "Alabama Pride" event put on by Thunder Promotions. The fight was set to box for three  rounds but when Thunder Promotions allegedly would not fix the fight to make sure DMX was safe, he backed out.

    After DMX backed out of the fight, Thunder Promotions signed rapper Coolio to box Martinez in the ring on December 12th. Coolio says he has no plans to fix the fight or even lose for that matter. "I've been doing martial arts for 18 years…somebody [is] gonna get knocked the f**k out," Coolio exclaimed to radio host Angela Yee during an interview last week. "Coolio don't take a** whoopin’s well. I'll tell you what, if I get into trouble, you gonna know because it's gonna go from boxing to f**king wrestling and choking because I hate to lose."