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Drag-On Reacts To DMX’s Old MMA Plans

Posted By on December 30, 2009

    Fellow Ruff Ryders member Drag-On recently talked about how DMX is doing and even shared his thoughts and reaction to learning X was going to participate in a mixed-martial arts match. According to Drag On, he had no idea that DMX was going to participate in a fight. "A UFC fight?!," Drag exclaimed when the above bout was mentioned. "[Laughs] I ain't even hear about that. Aww man, that's crazy though. [Laughs] But he good though; he chillin'. He in Arizona right now…He in the studio; he working. So I mean everything is good as far as with the dog. He gon' always go through his trials and tribulations, that's just X. People gotta realize, that's just him. That's just his life. It's been like that before he was on too. That's not changed. He actually did more time before he was a rapper. [But] he good."

    As we previously reported, DMX was hit with a million dollar lawsuit for backing out of
his celebrity boxing match that was scheduled to take place in December
in Birmingham, Alabama. X was set to box his former manager and
boxer slash actor Eric Martinez during the "Alabama Pride" event put on
by Thunder Promotions. The fight was set to box for three  rounds but
when Thunder Promotions allegedly would not fix the fight to make sure DMX was safe, he backed out. [DMX – Talks About The MMA Fight – Listen & Watch Here]

DMX – Talks About His Celebrity Boxing