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DMX Summer Tour Cancelled

Posted By on June 16, 2002

Although he had been talking about going on tour with new acts from his label Bloodline, DMX has decided to hold off on the summer tour to finish the projects he already has in the works.

DMX is currently finishing up his role in the movie “Cradle to the Grave” with Jet Li. Once his role is completed he will jump back in the studio to work on his fifth album and the soundtrack to the movie.

“I’ll put out [the solo] one this fall, and the soundtrack in January”, DMX said. Although he has not lined up any guest appearances other than his Bloodline artists, Big Stan, Kashmere and Loose and Asia, he doesn’t rule out any Ruff Ryder collobarations. Fans who want to hear new music from X can check out the soundtrack for the movie “Bad Company”.

When D’s management was asked when would the tour be rescheduled for their reply was: “it’s up in the air”.