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DMX’s Luck Changes, Judge Throws Out 1.5 Million Dollar Settlement Against Him

Posted By on May 23, 2008

    DMX's luck seems to be turning. Recently we have had many stories about the problems X has been having including being arrested for speeding and the investigation into his animal cruelty charges continuing but now things seem to be looking up for the rapper.

    Back in October of 2006, DMX told Sister 2 Sister magazine that a woman who was pregnant with his child, actually raped him. “That might sound like some bullshit, but is that the only thing in the
world that’s not possible? Because when I sleep, my penis be out. DNA
says it is my child. I don’t know. If I did have sex with her I would
remember. It ain’t like she ain’t a pretty girl.” The woman, Monique Wayne, then sued X and was awarded $1.5 million dollars in defamation damages. Now a judge has ruled that X was not properly served with court papers and was unaware of the case filed against him, so he vacated the suit.