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Dr Dre

Dr Dre Says Detox Is A Year Away

Posted By on January 11, 2010

    Hip Hop mogul (and now headphone king) recently said that his highly anticipated album "Detox" is still a long way from being released. Dre says that other projects he has been doing has slowed the the progress of "Detox." In the March edition of SLAM Magazine, Dre said "Well, I'm working on it, but also I've been working on other people's projects; you'll probably hear something in a year or so."

    Previously Dr Dre talked about his upcoming album during an in-store media conference last November. Explaining why he has to feel "right" about the project before releasing it, Dre said "You know what, I'm working hard on it man," Dre promised during an in-store interview. "I'm going and I'm stopping, I'm working with other artists in-between and what have you, but I'm working hard on it and the minute it's done and I feel it right here [in my chest] and it feels right to me, that's when it'll come out. And you know, hopefully at the beginning of the year." [Dr Dre – Talks About Detox Album – Watch Here]

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