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Dr.Dre’s Streaming Music Service ‘Beats Music’ Reveals An Official Release Date

Posted By on January 12, 2014

Rap mogul Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Trent Reznor have been working on their Beats Music streaming service for quite sometime now and everyone has been anticipating the release due to all the viral promotions that has been going around. Now we have finally got an official release date for the streaming service.

If everything goes as planned, the streaming music service is set to release on january 21st.

 “Trent Reznor and Jimmy Iovine’s streaming music service is nearly here. On January 21st, Beats Music will arrive on iOS, Android, Windows, and the web for a $9.99 monthly subscription. The service, originally known as Daisy, uses a combination of algorithms and human curation to suggest songs, and claims to have a staff of music experts “hand-selecting your playlists while you stream.” The company’s betting that curation will set Beats Music apart from the music streaming competition, like Spotify and Rdio, and it’s not alone in that bet — as rumored, AT&T has an exclusive partnership with Beats Music for a special $14.99 a month family plan.” (The Verge)

Music streaming sites such as Spotify and iTunes Radio, have become very popular as of recent and now the popular site have to watch out for their new competitor Beats Music.

“Dr Dre is to launch a new music streaming service, Beats Music, following the extraordinary success of his Beats By Dre headphone line. Dre first announced the service late last year under the name Daisy, and originally built it out of the streaming service MOG, but will launch it with the Beats Music brand in January 2014. He previously appointed Nine Inch Nails bandleader Trent Reznor as chief creative officer on the project, who in an interview last year talked up the “intelligent curation” that would be a feature of the site – moving away from the algorithmically-derived recommendations of Spotify, and towards artist-curated playlists and suggestions. “It’s like having your own guy when you go into the record store, who knows what you like but can also point you down some paths you wouldn’t necessarily have encountered,” said Reznor.” (The Guardian)

The CEO of Beats Music, Ian Rogers, released a statement letting users know they are able to go ahead and pre register for the Beats Music service now.

“In a blog post, the CEO of Beats Music, Ian Rogers, announced that as of today users can register their preferred username with the service, and that “we’re providing a few artists and other influencers access to familiarize them with the service and get their early feedback.” Beats Music joins a crowded marketplace with Spotify still leading the pack and close competitor Deezer planning a US launch in 2014. YouTube is also planning a premium streaming service – essentially Spotify blended with music video.” (The Guardian)


  • DJjorge

    Personally, I prefer “intelligent curation” from friends, family and high school friends. I can’t understand how this guy Reznor is still around. I’m beginning to think these older guys are pushing out the new younger musicians 🙁