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Dr. Dre Has Chosen the Baltimore Ravens to Win The Superbowl

Posted By on January 22, 2013

One would almost think it would be a no brainer to guess who West Coast Rap Pioneer, Dr. Dre will be cheering for the upcoming Super Bowl in which the Baltimore Ravens will be sqaring off against the San Francisco 49ers. If you guessed the San Francisco 49ers you would be wrong. Dr. Dre says that he will be pulling for the Baltimore Ravens and Ray Lewis. Lewis, the perennial all-pro linebacker for the Ravens has announced that he will retire after the Super after 16 seasons. Lewis is arguably the best to every play the position, with a handful like Lawrence Taylor, Mike Singletary, and Dick Butcus the only one that can be mentioned in that sentence.

One has to ask the incomparable music mastermind why a west coast rapper would support east coast, mostly in fun, but it was under Dr. Dre’s watch at Death Row records that the famous East Coast, West Coast feud erupted, fueled by Tupac Shukur and Biggie Smalls.

“I’m excited for Ray Lewis,” Dre said during an interview with TMZ, “He’s a good guy, man, and I’m a fan of his. Wish the best for him.” It is not clear if there are any personal ties or if Dre is just simply a fan.

Dre also gave a little advice to the performer for the Super Bowl Show: “Go out and have fun like we did. That’s all it was about. … Having a good time and having some fun. Blowing the people away, giving them something they’ve never seen before.

“You don’t need a hologram (referring to the hologram of 2Pac they used in last year’s Super Bowl) to blow people away,” said Dre. “That was just our thing that we did. I’m really interested to see what the next headliner is going to bring to the table.”