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Dr Dre & Warren G Talk “Detox” Status

Posted By on January 25, 2010

     Dr Dre has come forward to talk about his long-awaited "Detox" album and what it seems like it's never-ending delay. Dre says not only has he still not created the "perfect" record, but he's spending a lot of time in the studio with other artists. "Once that sound is right, once that mix is right, it's a feeling that you get, here — It's unexplainable," Dre said. "I have to go out to clubs now…You need to understand what people are listening to. I'm working hard on it. I'm stopping to work on other artists in-between, but the minute it's done and I feel it right here. I don't think I've done that [perfect] record yet. I'll know what it is when it comes; I know exactly what it is in my head, but I haven't done it yet. It's close…I got some sh*t coming, believe me."

     In related news, Warren G recently talked about Dre's "Detox" saying that not only is he being considered for a song but the time Dre is spending with Snoop speaks to the album status. "Yeah, he gonna drop it, I mean, he's just, he's a perfectionist," Warren promised in an interview. "So when he feels right, that's when he's gonna let it go but I think he's close because when he starts working with Snoop [Dogg], that's when I know he's getting down to the wire. Me and him are supposed to do a record on there, he said as soon as he finds the right record, with the right melody, we'll do it. So you know, I'm gonna be waiting so if I'm on Detox this time, cool. If not, I think it'll be something that the world would love to see because it's never been done, the publicity on it will be huge it's like 'Warren G and Dr. Dre doing a song? That's crazy.'"

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