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Rass Kass Says Stop Waiting For Dr Dre

Posted By on February 3, 2010

     Ras Kass, a West Coast rap vet, recently sat down with The Source magazine where he talked about how so many rappers put their career hopes on Dr Dre. According to Mr Kass, too many rappers expect the good doctor to help and even cater to their needs. "Too many n*ggas sit around waiting for n*ggas to save them," Kass said in an interview. "I'm from LA man, every n*gga think Dr. Dre is gonna save them. Well Dr. Dre is busy doing what he's doing and why would you put your destiny in another man's hands anyway?"

     Of course Ras Kass wasn't trying to diss Dr Dre. "No disrespect to Dr. Dre, it's disrespect to yourself to just wait for another man. Get your hustle on, grind out, learn from your mistakes and learn from your successes and do the best you can and eventually something's gotta give, that's my philosophy."

Ras Kass – Says West Coast Artists Need To Stop Waiting On Dr Dre