Dr Dre’s Detox Coming April 1st

Dr Dre’s Detox Coming April 1st

      West Coast king Dr Dre wiill soon release his long-awaited album "Detox" accoring to reportes. Dr Dre' Detox Album is currently on track to hit stores on April Fools Day.

Dr. Dre's eagerly anticipated album "Detox" has been given yet another release date, however the date happens to be 1st April… Now, on the official website of the producer/rapper, there is an image of the single artwork which has been redesigned along with the text "Album Available 4.1.2011." Of course this is April's Fools Day so it could well be a joke but for now it seems that April is the month that "Detox" will finally be made available. (M Is For Music)

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