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Akon Says Dr Dre Is Making Dance Music

Posted By on February 18, 2010

     During a recent interview with the Associated Press, hit-singer Akon talked about how he feels hip-hop is coming together with dance music. "Actually, that's what really excites me more about it," Akon said. "You got some straight, hardcore Hip Hop guys actually moving into the dance realm." Akon then went on to make a pretty big statement… "When you got someone like Dr. Dre about to do a dance record. That's my point. That's crazy. But, in a way, it's so exciting for me because that just shows our industry is so open-minded to everything. And believe it or not, with that open-mindedness, we can create magic."

     Akon even says he has heard the Dr Dre dance track. "It actually sounds great," he said of the unnamed Dr Dre record. "He played it for me. I was shocked. I was like, 'Wow, that's dope!' When the world hear this, they might go crazy!"

Akon – Says Dr Dre Is Making A Dance Record