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Raekwon Talks Break From Dr Dre

Posted By on June 18, 2009

    Wu-Tang Clan member Reakwon recently talked about his "unsigned" deal with Dr Dre and his Aftermath Records, explaining why the two legends couldn't work out an arrangement. Saying that there wasn't any bad blood or beef with Dre, Raekwon says it was really about timing. "The Aftermath thing was definitely something that people wanted to go down, I wanted to go down as well," Raekwon explained. "We never inked the situation and we was going back and forth. From what I knew is that Dre's time wasn't really going to be there for me to really get what I needed to get out of him. So right then and there I knew that it was going to be a problem and being that he had so much to do and then you know the terms of agreement wasn't coming together as far as from his side. It wasn't actually him that was really making that call. It was people above him that was really telling him like, 'Yo you got to do this first.'"

    In related news, Reakwon recently released a new song reassuring fans that Wu-Tang hasn't gone anywhere. "Wu Tang Still Rhymin" [listen here] hit the net a few days ago while "What Do I Do" [listen here] was leaked earlier in the week.