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D.O.C. Talks Dr Dre, Erykah Badu & More

Posted By on August 4, 2011

     D.O.C. was recently interviewed by The Dallas Observer during which he spoke on many topics and people including Dr Dre and Erykah Badu. After injuring his voice close to twenty years ago, D.O.C. has been a behind-the-scenes artist doing ghostwriting for Dr Dre. Check out what D.O.C. had to say about the following topics…
On Dr. Dre

More recently, something else fortuitous happened to the ghostwriter — he received a call from Dr. Dre, who invited him to come back to California. Snoop was brought back into the fold as well, and the trio resumed work on Detox at Dre’s Burbank studios in late July.
D.O.C. says he feels reinvigorated creatively, and that he brought Dre ideas to help “get that core audience back, with those types of songs, and that California vibe from the Chronic album.” Don’t scoff: D.O.C. insists that the album really is coming soon.

On Music:

He’s in the process of training a handful of potential rap stars, including a genteel white 19-year-old Texas rapper named Mike Bond. These unknowns will perform lyrics he has written, and their verses will be paired on tracks with urban superstars in D.O.C.’s rolodex — a group that includes Snoop, Andre 3000 and Badu. D.O.C. says he’s in talks with production companies for the program, which he plans to title I Got My Voice Back.

On Erykah Badu:

After falling out with Dre, he moved back to Dallas and began living part-time with the stunning and iconic R&B singer Erykah Badu and their 7-year-old daughter, Puma. Also in the house are Puma’s well-pedigreed half-siblings: 13-year-old brother Seven, whose father is OutKast’s Andre 3000, and 2-year-old sister Mars, whose pops is venerated New Orleans rapper Jay Electronica.
With all of these musical legends coming in and out, it’s quite a scene. Badu’s Dallas home is a “beautiful house right off of a really nice body of water,” D.O.C. says of the singer’s home overlooking White Rock Lake, while adding that he remains very much enchanted with her. In fact, he hopes to film a reality show before long about the goings-on in her house, ending with a wedding between him and Badu.


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