Dr Dre’s Detox Has Fans “By The Balls”

Dr Dre’s Detox Has Fans “By The Balls”

     Hit r&b singer, and ex-Murder INC artist, Lloyd recently had a studio session with hip hop's top producer, and rap veteran, Dr Dre. Saying Dre plalyed some of his "Detox" album for him, Lloyd says the album is a true representation of what West Coast music is all about.

      "He played me a lot of the Detox album, which is incredible — it sounds like, history," Lloyd revealed in an interview. "It's classic, it's epic, it's like L.A., stand up, it's like West Coast. You know, I'm from the South so for me to hear Dr. Dre's music and, I don't know, this guy's, he's a legend and he's not the youngest guy in the game so for him to still have the youth by the balls and be able to come out with stuff that is constantly changing music in the horizon, I think that that's incredible. And it felt like magic."

Lloyd – Says Dr Dre's "Detox" Has The Youth By The Balls



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