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Dr Dre Just Now Working On Detox

Posted By on September 2, 2010

      Dr Dre recently spoke about his upcoming "Detox" album and how, despite being over ten years in the making, the album is finally taking form. Dre even said that he may stream "Detox" wirelessly through his new Beats by Dre headphones.

     "Me and [Interscope Records CEO] Jimmy [Iovine] talk about this all the time. It was supposed to be my album promoting the headphones, but it's gonna be the other way around now. It's gonna be a two-for-one thing. As soon as we finish this interview I'm going into the studio and get it on. I know it's taking a long time but it's not 100 percent work on my album that I'm doing every day. That's why it's taking so long. It's been almost ten years since my last album — but I haven't been sitting on my hands. Keeping it real with you, I just started really getting involved in it and really feeling it this year. Around January or February. Before now I was kind of doing it more out of obligation, but now I really feel it inside and it's pouring out right now. Music comes out much better when you're in that frame of mind."


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