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Dr Dre

Detox Is Coming & Aftermatn/Shady Take Over

Posted By on December 10, 2004

During the last few weeks, hip-hop’s most acclaimed producer has been making headlines for being attacked at the Vibe Awards. But on a rare trip to New York soon before the melee, the only act of violence on Dre’s mind was putting the entire music industry in a chokehold. He’s decided to forge ahead with his on-again/off-again Detox LP and also has his platinum hands in several other projects.

“Definitely,” Dre, seated between 50 Cent and Game, said inside Avatar Studios about whether Detox would come out. “I’m back into it right now. A lot of people have been coming at me and saying that they are disappointed that I’m not doing the record. So I decided to go out and put it out there. I am going to probably start doing it [this month] or January, something like that. Hopefully I will get a fall release.”

With Eminem already on course for another diamond award with Encore, and Detox on deck to be just one of the potential blockbusters coming from the Aftermath/ Shady/ G-Unit musical trinity, Dre says 2005 will be remarkable.

“The new Eminem album is crazy, it is nothing less than that, it is so insane,” he said. “Right now we got Busta Rhymes getting ready to complete his album, he’ll be dropping next year. E.V.E.! Eve, she signed and she’ll be dropping next year. We’re going to try to control the whole year. We’re going to try to control it and run the airwaves.”

“I will be out next year,” Eve promised. “Definitely. I can guarantee an album by next summer — I’m hoping. Nothing’s done. I just got to step in and do it.”