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Dre Goes At Ja Rule

Posted By on July 2, 2003

Murder Inc. and the Shady/Aftermath camp are showing no signs of letting their feud ease up.

Dr. Dre has just broken his silence on a new Obie Trice track titled “Sh– Hits the Fan,” which addresses the Incsters. On it, featured guest Dre makes light of the threats Ja Rule made in a recent issue of XXL magazine.

“This little n—a Ja Rule talking ’bout he gonna slap me/ N—a please, you gotta run and jump and swing up to hit me in the knees/ I laugh at these magazines when they talk to him/ All they do is make fake threats to us through him.” The Doc also says Rule could never be Tupac before chiding, “Quit trying to be tough, n—a, you look like a a–hole.”

Eminem raps the chorus and questions if when the “sh– hits the fan” his adversaries will stand up like men or go and get their bodyguards. Obie throws in a few jabs as well, saying “Curtis pulled your skirt up, n—a/ You got murdered.”

It is still unclear whether “Sh– Hits the Fan” will appear on Obie’s debut LP, Cheers, which is slated to drop in September.