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Dre To Produce Cuban Linx

Posted By on November 13, 2006

Initially the talk was that The RZA and Dr. Dre would share the production duties on the sequel to the 1995 classic Only Built For Cuban Linx, with RZA handling the bulk of it. As they worked on the LP the pendulum has swung in the other direction though, as now it will be mostly Dr. Dre beats fueling Rae's lyrics.

"I just felt it was going to be something to excite the fans in hip-hop," Rae told VH1. "Let them know I'm dealing with a whole list of thorough superproducers that's making sure this legacy of Cuban Linx carries on. We thought it was a brilliant idea to have RZA and Dr. collaborate, us being big Dre fans. His classics sheet is way long. As well as RZA's. We felt we wanted to put a twist on it and let everybody know the sh– is that important. We going through generation expansion, where the generations are differentiating. We wanted to give them a taste of something new as well as what they wanna see."
In addition to the two legends, late great J Dilla contributed production along with DJ Scratch and Scram Jones. No timetable has been set for album just, but