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Rakim Drops Dres Aftermath

Posted By on July 16, 2003

There has been many rumors spreading across the net today about Rakim leaving Aftermath Entertainment. Well, the rumors look be to be true and Rakim has indeed left the label.

Until now, Rakim’s debut from Aftermath has continued to be pushed back. Rakim had major differences with Aftermath and Interscope Records and has had enough. Rakim’s manager, Zach Katz released a statement via audio explaining what went down to
AftermathMusic.com. “He’s already shopping a new deal. He’s left Aftermath. They mutually decided to go their separate ways. There are reasons, but I really can’t get into them, just basically creative differences. And he’s already talking to other people. So that’s really what it is.”

Apparently, Rakim is in New York now looking for a new label and his record should still be out this year, stay tuned for more news. Hopefully, the album will be out this year and we don’t see it pushed back once again. Remember how Interscope rejected the first version of Eminem Show that Em and Dre brought them and they did it again?

Rakim signed to Aftermath three years ago. Though Dre is infamous for taking time in the studio, the record was pushed back several times, taking a back seat to other Aftermath releases like Eminem, 50 Cent and Truth Hurts. Since joining Aftermath Rakim hasn’t had much to offer. Aside from last year’s stand out cameo on Truth Hurts’ “So Addictive,” Rakim only released two notable tracks, the lukewarm “R.A.K.I.M” on the 8 Mile soundtrack and the rarely heard Ayatollah produced “A Cold Feelin.” It is uncertain whether Dre contributions will still land on Rakim’s next LP.