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Drake Talks Lil Wayne’s Skills & His New “Fear”

Posted By on January 4, 2010

    Young Money artist Drake recently talked about the leadership skills of Lil Wayne, the Young Money boss-man. Drake praised Weezy's skills saying that he tries to give his artists more freedom than other labels, letting them develop on their own. "I think the best thing about Wayne is that he doesn't really get too involved in us developing as artists," Drake said Wayne. "He doesn't give his input on how we should be, or how we should rap, or how we should dress. Wayne just gives us the opportunity. If you drop the ball, you drop the ball. But Wayne's gonna give you the set-up. Wayne is gonna throw you the alley-oop — you just have to cut to the hoop and slam. With that being said, he really gives you the space and lets you become your own person. He respects [artists that know] about themselves. He doesn't want to shape us all. I don't really know who wants to do that anymore. That was like, in '96 or something, when labels would be like, 'You got to be like this.' Wayne doesn't want to do that. Wayne wants us to thrive as the people we truly are, which is great." [Drake – Talks About Lil Wayne's Leadership Skills – Watch Here]

    Drake then went on to talk about his new "Fear" track, stating that he is not scared to be very open in his music. The freshman Canadian rapper even discusses his "sound." [Drake – Talks "Fear" Song &  His "Sound" – Watch Here]

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