Rappin 4-Tay Accuses Drake Of Stealing Lyrics On YG Collaboration

Rappin 4-Tay Accuses Drake Of Stealing Lyrics On YG Collaboration

California rapper Rappin 4-Tayb has called out Drake for stealing lyrics on his YG collar, “Who Do You Love”.

4-Tay took to Twitter to begin the accusations:



Neither YG nor Drake has come forth to address the accusations. Drake’s verse appears to be mostly original lyrics, but when put up against the lyrics to Rappin 4-Tay’s 1994 song “Playaz Club“, some similarities are more than obvious:

Rapping 4-Tay on “Playaz Club”

I got a h*e named Real de Real
She got a buddy named SP 12, now, you know the deal
We getz freaky in the studio late night
That’s why the beats that you hear are comin’ real tight

Somethin’ to roll to, somethin’ to stroll to
If you’s a playa in the game this will hold you
Mo money mo money for the bank roll
Stick to the script don’t slip in the nine-fo

A lot of fools put salt in the game
Till when these women get the notion that they runnin’ the game, huh



Drake on “Who Do You Love”

She got a buddy name OJB and now you know the deal
We turnt up in the studio late night
That’s why the songs that you hear are comin’ real tight
OVO crew, n*gga, thought I told you
If you a player in the game, this should hold you
And man shout my n*gga Game he just rolled through
Eatin’ crab out in Malibu with no boo
A lot of fools puttin’ salt in the game
Until these women get the notion that they runnin’ the game


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  • Dk

    I dnt belif drake stole no lyrics. drake is a lyric killer

    • 215Phillyshit

      How ignorant can you be? the lyrics is right in your face search the song and u will hear home rapping the same exact lyrics drake is spitting.. Nobody trying to lie it’s facts..

    • CellTECH Wireless

      Idiocy is bliss. Stop nut-hugging, this guy ain’t a super-hero or God. These clowns now days have no respect for rappers that paved the way. This is one of the most blatant bytes ever. Did he need to? No, I’m sure he coulda made something else up, but if he did this once I’m sure he’s stolen lyrics before.

      • Manny Campos

        ividual and I enjoy every single type of good beat,bass, and lyrics. When I first heard Who Do You Love; Rappin 4 Tays song Playas Club ran through my head and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I even told myself that hopefully Drake and YG gave up money to use his very catchy flow. Adding the he does use the same flow and words just with addition words that transitions to sounding and copying rappin 4 tays flow and word play. Drake is weak now for that. He has some good songs only a few numbered but now he under rates himself. If fans don’t see it then they are all blinded by drakes soft ass.

        Just my opinion. Criticism always results to better. Drake please have more experience in the rapping game because copying flow and words is weak sauce.

        • pup/ willows/ca/530

          Drake ain’t shit for that…that dude doesn’t impress me at all. Id bump players club a hundred times before I would Even fathom the thought of attempting to slap it in one of his tracks. DMX said it best.. I don’t even like that dude haircut lol the only people that are giving this dude his millions are the 30 million 15 year old girls that bumped his shit while fixing their hair before school… Drake is nothing more than a confused pop pop singer / rapper ( and considering he has to steal a pioneers lyrics I wouldn’t even call him a full rap artist)… give this clown a donkey of the day as Charlamagne tha God would say

  • A714Freddy

    its not exactly the same lyrics that happens alot in new songs they use good hooks or partial lyrics from older songs and thats what drake did hear just got the good part of the players club and switched it up to the new 2014 shitt turn down for what dreezzzy still got dwn but props to Rapping 4-tay

  • roblos

    He does the same thing in other songs too! When I first heard this shit I was like I know I heard this before but it didn’t come to mind right away. The players club is the shit though!

  • USMC.08-12

    Heard that, straight up, how do you deny something like that

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