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Drake Talks Having The Mixtape Of The Year

Posted By on January 13, 2010

    With new mixtapes from DJ Drama and other DJ's recently hitting the net including joints from Cam'ron and Yo Gotti, we take the time to reflect on the mixtapes of the past year, well at least MTV does. By far the biggest "mixtape" last year had to be Drake's "So Far Gone" which recently won MTV's "Mixtape of the Year" award.

    "So Far Gone being named the Mixtape of the Year means a lot to me," Drake said in Toronto. "It was a risk we all took as a team to put out a mixtape that I'm exploring so many different genres of music — from the Santigolds to the Lykke Lis to Peter Bjorn and Johns, to even myself going from rapping to doing records that sound like old Jodeci songs. It was a mix of all the things that make up my character, and for people to embrace it the way they did and for MTV to name it the top mixtape of 2009 means the world to me." [Drake – Talks Winning Mixtape Of The Year – Watch Here]

Drake – Reacts To Mixtape Of The Year Award