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Drake Hosts KOTD Rap Battle That Ends In Controversy!

Posted By on January 28, 2013

Rap’s finest, Drake, co-hosts Toronto’s the KOTD’s Battle. It seems that Drizzy attended the most recent battle event, “Blackout 3”, of which he is a fan, and had the opportunity to witness Dizaster being booed. KOTD’s host Caustic also provided his insight on Drake’s love for Battle Rap and his support of the Toronto Based KOTD’s. While in attendance at the “Blackout” event, Drake co-hosted the main event, in which California Battle Rapper Dizaster faced off against Canada star Arcane.

Drake’s appearance and co-hosting the event was big, but the controversy surrounding the main event garnered a great deal of attention. The host of KOTD (King of the Dot’s), Lush One spoke with HipHopDX concerning the event and the controversy that took place in the finals, and drakes passion for Battle Rap.

When asked about Drakes appearance at the event, Lush One Respond – “Drake is an active follower and supporter of the scene, type of conversations we have are very similar to the type of genuine curious and opinionated banter I exchange with the typical die-hard fans. It reminds me of sports fans discussing a game. He knows what’s up.”

Lush went on to say, “Drake even openly said on camera that he basically considers himself KOTD staff and that KOTD is the greatest league in the world. He clearly has hometown pride and is just a fan of emceeing and lyricism in general. It’s obvious in his music, but the extent at which he rocks with it is staggering. “His manager Hush is the same way.”

When asked about the drama that took place in the finals, he responded, “[Dizaster] seemed pretty upset after the battle but hopefully that subsides,” Lush said, when asked about the battle. “Diz takes his battle more serious than one can imagine and tends to react in an emotional manner when unfavorable outcomes occur. I do understand his frustration and at the same time I think he was happy that he exposed Arcane for stealing bars. That was [his] ultimate goal. I just know that he could have won that crowd over and really overcome the situation.”

It seems that Diz’s entire rap in the finals was centered on the fact that he had proof that Arkane had used ghost-written material in a previous competition. The crowd didn’t take to the fact that he stayed on that topic for the entire battle, subsequently booing him.