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Drake Pays Homage To Father By Getting Strange Tattoo

Posted By on January 31, 2014

Drake recently had his father, Dennis Graham , get pimped out in a pink suit for his “Worst Behavior” music video. The Young Money rapper has now decided to add his father to his body, as reports claim Drizzy got his fathers mugshot tatted on his body to pay homage to him.

Drake decided to take to his Instagram account to show off his latest tattoo  of the younger version of his father’s  mugshot

 Drake paid homage to other family members about this same time last year when he got a tattoo of his grandmother and uncle.

“Is this week “Young Money’s National Get Tatted Week”??, first Lil Wayne gets a tat on his forehead,forehead, now Drake gets one across his back, however Drake’s is more sensible. The rapper is showing respect to a couple of family members in the form of new ink. Drake went under the needle in honor of his uncle and grandmother. The images tattooed on his back, of his uncle who he credits for a lot of his success and his grandmother Evelyn Sher, who helped raised him, she recently passed away thanksgiving of 2012. Drake has shown his appreciation for them before on a track titled “Look what you’ve done” off his “Take Care” album. (Gossip Daily)