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Drake Gets Spark from Sprite Commercial

Posted By on February 12, 2010

   Canadian Young Money rapper Drake recently was chosen to represent Sprite in its first ever global marketing campaign. Labeled as the "Spark" campaign, Drake talks about his partnership with the giant soda company.

“My management brought it to me and explained the initial idea and the message behind it and I was all for it,” Drake said in an interview. “The campaign is really about creativity through music and film and promotes fresh thinking and originality. I guess they recognized my potential based off what has happened with my music career in the last year. I think it’s a great thing to be responsible, in a way, for exciting young kids.”

   The campaign is called “Spark” because it refers to the new updated logo. It will advertise in multiple spots including TV, online, music remixing, movies, mobile, outdoor and print advertising. As well Sprite is having a new amateur dunking contest as well it has step-team competitions for college students.

   “I’m just not feelin’ it,” Drake says, until he gulps the contents of a bottle of Sprite. Special effects depict the liquid coursing through his transformed body, after which he begins singing what sounds like it will become his next hit tune. There will also be versions of the commercial using music and film stars who are popular in countries like China and India.

Drake Sprite Commercial

Behind the Scenes on Drake Sprite Commercial