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Dizaster Discusses “Ultra Close” Relationship With Drake, Talks About Arcane KOTD Battle

Posted By on February 14, 2013

Battle Rapper – Dizaster opens up about his relationship with Drake. He described Drake as a super close and supportive friend. He also discussed the fiasco with the Arcane KOTD battle.

Fan’s went berserk when Drake announced that he would be co-hosting King of the Dot’ battle between Dizaster and Arcane. Tickets sales went through the roof. It is no doubt that Drake’s involvement peaked the interests of many, but the more serious fans were quite aware that a Battle Rap Championship Chain was on the line. The battle was between Dizaster, who was the reigning champion and Arcane, who survived a number of rounds in the Grand Prix Tournament battles.

What started out as a night to be remembered, quickly turned into a night of controversy. A controversy that stemmed from allegations that the rapper Caustic had written verses for Arcane. Dizaster even had Facebook conversations and Paypal Statements to back up his allegations. Bringing those allegation to light actually backfired on him. The crowd booed him, and being confused by the crowd’s reaction, Dizaster lost his cool.

“I was shocked,” Dizaster told HipHopDX after the battle took place. “I was confused. I was startled. I never get thrown off. I can hang with any crowd in the world. Everybody knows. It doesn’t matter if someone boos me. So to get thrown off that hard…I was thinking in two different places. I wasn’t there rapping anymore. I was rapping so I didn’t choke. I continued rapping but my brain was somewhere else. I was asking myself questions like, How is this happening? What did he do? Why is this going down? I didn’t get it. It was really confusing.”

Dizaster says that he went into the battle with confidence because his friend Drake was there to support him. They had actually ridden there together.

“We actually showed up together,” he said. “[Drake] came and swooped me up from my spot. Then we hit the venue together and then a lot of shit happened at the venue so we went separate ways and I didn’t get to talk to him. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t care much about the outcome. It didn’t really phase him. He knew what I was going to do. On the way there, I showed him and his boys all the Facebook messages and the PayPal statements. Everyone was super excited. It was supposed to go a certain way and it went the complete opposite. It’s pretty shocking for everybody. I’m pretty sure he was uncomfortable during the battle, which sucks.”