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Drake Says Soulja Boy Is A Genius

Posted By on June 24, 2009

    Drake doesn't agree with his fellow up-coming rapper Charles Hamilton [more here], he think's Soulja Boy is one of the smartest artist of his generation. In a new interview, Drake not only talks about Soulja Boy but spoke on the success of his mentor Lil Wayne and his mixtape heat. "Your fans have to feel like you're riding for them," Drake explained. [watch here] "And that's when your fan base becomes a bunch of followers as opposed to a bunch of people who just listen to your music. When they really support you non-stop is when they feel you've given them something. So Wayne did the right thing. Yeah, it was great to learn from him and sort of take that mentality and tweak it a bit and make it mine." [watch here]

     Drake went on to explain how he feels about Soulja Boy. "Soulja Boy is the smartest artist of our generation, I think period and I think out of anybody. Whoever it is, whether it's him or his team or the people around him, whoever has the thoughts to do the things he does, is genius and I'm so happy for him." [watch here]
    In related news,
Drake put out a new song today. "Think Good Thoughts" [listen here] also features artists Phonte and Elzhi so make sure you [listen here]

Drake Says Souja Boy Is "The Smartest Artist Of Our Generation"