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Drake Says Entire Video Is A Metaphor

Posted By on June 28, 2009

    New up-and-coming rapper Drake is finishing up the video for his "Best I Ever Had" track and now he's saying that the entire video is a metaphor. [watch here] "I'm a coach of a high school basketball team. As a young man, I guess I’m not ready to commit to one person. So as young men who aren’t ready to commit, we have what may appear like, a roster of women that we talk to. I happen to be coaching my roster of women, which happens to be the high school basketball team. And no matter how bad they play, to me they’re the best. So it’s a metaphor for that," Drake says [watch here]

    The new video is directed by Kanye West and will feature other artists like Fabolous, Trey Songz and Common. [watch here]

Drake – Talks About "Best I Ever Had" Video